Transforming Lives By His Design. Ephesians 2: 1-10

Who Is “His Identity, Inc.”?

His Identity, Inc. is a Faith-based Non-Profit Organization seeking to Transform Lives by helping youth discover their value and self-worth.

When Jesus walked the earth, he held no reservations about associating himself with those who needed Him the most.  His first concern was meeting their immediate human needs; yet never leaving out an invitation for eternal life.  Be healed; then go and sin no more.

Ephesians Chapter 2, Verses 1-10 begins with a description of a life before Christ; where every whim and appetite is given full indulgence without regard to consequence.  It talks about the earned consequences  so justly deserved; however thwarted by an irrational and unconditional love granted to us by our Heavenly Father.  By virtue of God’s extravagant love for us, those who except his gift of salvation through His Son Christ Jesus can take on the Family name; and be called son’s and daughters of the Most High God!  The scripture makes it very plain that despite what we have done and any of our efforts; it is not by our deeds that we will be saved.  Instead, it is a gift that he offers with the desire to take our brokenness and restore us whole; as he originally designed our gifts and talents to shine on this earth.


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Sharing The Gospels


Most exciting is verse 10 which reads:  “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  It tells me that long before I could even imagine, God designed a plan of “good” for my life and purpose.

With over 20 Years of experience working with Youth and Adults from an urban or somehow disadvantaged environment; our founder was moved by the often accompanied negative self-concept and defeated mindset.  When an individual has no sense of hope or belonging; and holds little value for their life; they make destructive decisions with no thought for future consequence.  No longer would we sit by and let life after life fade without an effort to add meaning and ignite hope.

But people need more than hope…

They need a safe place to sleep.  Warm food to eat.  Clothes on their back.  They need a kind and Encouraging word.  Training and Education.  They need someone to show them

While our organizational values are clear; they are not a condition of receiving our services or attending our events. His Identity, Inc. gladly serves all individuals without preference or discrimination.


Community Outreach

With the “hands” and “hearts” of our generous volunteers and donors; we directly serve and partner with other organizations who address the immediate “human needs” of individuals living in vulnerable communities or settings.

His Identity, Inc. has identified 5 primary focus areas:



In groups of 25-50, participants take part in a one-day or 4-day week program; specifically focused on no more than two subject areas.  With an intimate setting; and an extended window of time, participants are able to benefit from an in-depth mastery of the content material, greater facilitator interaction, and peer interactions.


His Identity, Inc. hosts Conference events which align with our four service areas:   leveraging a broad variety of community, government, faith-based organizations, expert speakers, and compassionate volunteers, we seek to artfully bridge the gap between the elusive client population and service providers.  By increasing awareness and minimizing obstacles; we work to connect individuals to relevant resources available to them in their community; while building up the confidence and “know-how” to use the tools once connected.