Transforming Lives By His Design. Ephesians 2: 1-10

Dear Friend,

So often we look at heart-wrenching images of children in far off countries who suffer at the cruel grasps of exploitation, starvation, disease, and other symptoms of poverty and civil injustice; and we are rightfully moved by their stories.

Yet time and time again, a blind eye is turned to the stories we drive past everyday in our cities.   Right here: beneath our bridges, on corners, in alleys, in neighborhood schools there are young lives being siphoned away to hunger, homelessness, drugs, gangs, sex trafficking, abuse, and mental illness.

One morning as I listened to a radio-show that frequently starts my day, the term “telescopic philanthropy” traveled across the radio waves and hit me right between the eyes! “What is this?” I asked myself. The guest quickly defined it as “a fixation on helping people who are distant from you, while overlooking those in need immediately in your midst.” At that very moment, I was “called out” as I fantasized about my career in international development – traveling to nations in Africa, Asia, and South America to hold orphaned children and teach them how to read and dig wells for clean water.

While I still hold these as noble efforts and ones that I hope to pursue, there remains a blaring group of children in cities across this nation whose lives are fading FAST! They too, need to know that someone cares. They too, must be taught that they were made with a purpose; that their lives, though valuable above rubies, is not for sale! Everyday one too many children commit suicide, or die from preventable causes, because a negative experiences have robbed them of hope – the belief that life can be better!

There are a significant number of organizations fighting for this cause, providing services that are very much needed.  However, there remains plenty of room for His Identity, Inc. to make a difference by being the bridge between these services and the population that needs increased exposure, access and advocacy.   His Identity, Inc. is my response to the call to “bloom where I’m planted” and impact the lives that are before me, even as I plan my mission trip to Uganda.

My appeal is that you would join me in this venture; offering your prayers, your time, and your financial support.


T. N. Price