Transforming Lives By His Design. Ephesians 2: 1-10

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“Never underestimate your ability to make someone’s life better-even if you never know it”.

Greg Louganis

Your contribution helps us sow seeds of hope for youth that have been robbed of their dignity, identity and their self-worth.

By providing a template of success to, His Identity, Inc. introduces the youth to tangible examples of individuals; who like themselves, have had to overcome incredible obstacles to realize their goals – even if that obstacle may only be their own mindset.

Through tailored referrals, youth are connected to resources in their community that enable  them to care for themselves and family with a holistic and balanced approach; addressing the mental, social, physical, and economic health-stand point.  Affirming workshops  cultivate goal setting, financial literacy, healthy decision making, job preparedness, and sharpen awareness for defending against social pitfalls.

Exposure • Education • Advocacy • Action

Help us bring restoration to the young lives of those who are often discarded and overlooked.

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Even your smallest contribution is appreciated!


Disclosure: His Identity, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization. Our Tax Exempt Status is pending Final Determination by the IRS.